Flow House Bangkok

Flow House Bangkok





Flow House Bangkok
beach club simulated surfing center sports bar  restaurant  
and chiiled lifestyle venue right in the heart of Bangkok!!





Whether you surf, skate, wake or even snowboard, the FlowRider is a great
place to express your own unique flavor of riding.





Everyone is welcome all the time! If you are not a surfer or rider
then no worries,
come in sit down, chill out and relax!





If you've never ridden before, no problem! With it's patented
Composite Membrane Ride Surface (CMRS), the FlowRider
is a great way to learn to ride in a safe and controlled environment.





Apart from the awesome FlowRider simulated surfing machine
Flow House also features a sports bar, a coffee shop & restaurant
plunge pool, games room, RipCurl flagship store, and much more
so even if you don't ride it's a great place to hang out with friends
and family.





Flow House Bangkok installs Flowrider machine which simualte real
beach wave in the heart of Bangkok. The Flowrider is suitable for all
age and gen.Children  can play for casual fun, or thrillseeker can go
for the extream





From 5 to 80 years old, riders of all ages have enjoyed our waves.





The ride surface is like a trampoline helping absorb the gnarliest of impacts,
but just in case we have trained staff and an aid station to ensure your safety.





Don't know anything about board sports or surfing? That’s okay, our skilled
instructors are on-hand for every session to help each person learn, no matter
the level, from true beginners to advanced tricks.





No beach No waves  No problem.





Flow House is also an awesome hang-out spot for those looking
to escape  Bangkok without leaving the city.





Entry to our facility is totally free and we welcome everyone
to come down and chill.





Flow House is Bangkok’s only urban beach club and brings
a full-on beachside vibe to the city.





Ride the wave, enjoy fantastic food, sip cool drinks, and hang out.





The centerpiece of Flow House is the FlowRider, a simulated wave
surfing machine imported from San Diego, USA. Perfect for stand-up
surfing and bodyboarding the FlowRider is awesome fun for those
who love water sports, board sports,and adrenaline junkies looking
for the ultimate thrill!!! Rides start at the top of every hour and all
equipment & instruction is included.





Our facilities include:





FlowRider Simulated Wave-machine.





Plunge Pool





Games including pool, ping-pong, darts, and football.





Free WIFI and loads of space to sit down and relax!





RipCurl flagship store.




Bike Zone.


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สาขา Sukhumvit 26
Soi Sukhumvit 26, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok, Thailand
.099 083 8787



Flow House

Flow House

Flow House Bangkok
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Flow House Bangkok
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