• Siam Serpentarium

  • World's first and only Imersive Snake Experience, Siam Serpentarium gives you fun and exciting snake edutainment through snake eyes.


Siam Serpentarium

Experience the World through Snake Eyes

Are you attracted by the utterly unique and unusual? Then take a journey to the other
side of incredible at Asiaa’s first and only totally immersive snake experience. You will
not only feel the amazing sensation of being a snake for a day but will also hear
fascinating facts about these extraordinary creatures. Treat yourself to a truly entertaining
and educational outing at the inimitable Siam Serpentarium.



Immersive Snake Museum

This is our ssss...superb edutainment museum which gives visitors the genuine feelings
of being a snake. Experience how snakes are born, hunt, survive and reproduce through
various fun and fascinating interactive tools and surreal forest-like environment.



Our world class serpentarium showcases a variety of more than
70 fascinating snakes from around the globe

the largest, longest and the most exotic species tool.


We’ve got even more for you

Get ready to be thrilled and gasp at the dazzling performances
in our Naka Theatre as we take you on a ’snaketacular’ journey through time and imagination
with ancient jaw dropping stories about mankind and snakes. You will be gripping the edge
of your seat in our spacious and comfortable show stadium.


สาขา Lat Krabang

โปรโมชั่นพิเศษ !

รับส่วนลดพิเศษ!! เมื่อชำระผ่านบัตรเคดิตซิตี้แบงก์


แจ้งเตือน! ไม่มีรายการคอร์สเรียนที่ค้นหา