• SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World

  • More than just an underwater experience, SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World is home to a range of special activities.



Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World



More than just an underwater experience SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World
is home to a range of special activities. The choice is yours enjoyment
and wonder await at every depth of the sea. And you will be impressed
with the variety of ocean adventures we have to offer.







Rocky Hideout



Begin your journey into the astounding underwater world by taking a look at the
Giant Spider Crab and the Giant Pacific Octopus. These aquatic creatures amaze
us with their ability to camoflage themselves with surrounding rocks and other
ocean features.


Coral Reef



Witness an underwater rainbow of colours by visiting our "Coral Reef" zone. A variety of
coral and fish species present a dazzling spectacle of underwater life, tantilizing kids of
all ages by allowing them to get a very close-up experience of this amazing visual
presentation of underwater life.


Seahorse Kingdom



Come and visit the magical kingdom of seahorses. Learn about this unique sea species
by observing their living and breeding habits. Understanding more about these wonderful
creatures will help us better preserve their species and habitat.








Penguin Ice Adventure


Come and check out the ever-so-cute Gentoo Penguins in our "Ice Adventure" zone.
Whether these adorable creatures are taking a swim or just waddling around, you will
be helpless against falling in love with them. Feel like you are visiting the Antarctic
yourself with the surrounding snow and cold breezes.




Come and walk alongside an assortment of colourful jellyfish. Their beautiful underwater
shine helps them stand out against the dark backdrop of the ocean. This is one mesmerizing
underwater adventure you can't miss out on.


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