Zanook Wake Park Wakeboard สวนน้ำ

Zanook Wake Park Wakeboard สวนน้ำ



Zanook Wake Park

Wakeboard สวนน้ำ



On the west side of Bangkok Metropolitan Area, Zanook Wake Park is the only
cable park in the city, located just 25-minutes by car from the Silom area.
Activities for the entire family include waterskiing, wakeboarding and standup
paddling (SUP) on a large freshwater lake.




The equipment encompasses a clock-wise cable suitable for regular-foot riders
but it’s also a fun challenge for goofy-footers to improve their riding skills.
A 5 - tower system built by Rixen helps new riders get up to the optimal speeds
quickly and easily. Advanced riders can enjoy mastering new air tricks since the
cable height is 12m over the water.


Also, the Zanook Aqua Park is an inflatable aqua park that’s suitable for everyone
from children to adults, who will enjoy dodging, sliding, and climbing the obstacle
courses and artificial cliff in the middle of the lake.



For a break, chill at the water bar with friends and loved ones or enjoy
Thai and international dishes at the on-site restaurant.



Cable Skiing
Add just a little bit more liveliness to your recreational activities. Come and join us
on our amazing rafting & kayaking trips all across the mountain rivers of the US!






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เล่นสกีน้ำ เวคบอร์ด และการพาย SUP (Standup)

เล่นสกีน้ำ เวคบอร์ด และการพาย SUP (Standup)

Zanook Wake Park Wakeboard สวนน้ำ
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