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Pingu’s English enables kids aged 3 – 8+ to acquire this vital life skill from the earliest possible stage.
Combining effective language teaching techniques with a fun and supportive atmosphere, Pingu’s English
can give your child the confidence to use English practically in everyday life.
Scientifically Proven English Language Teaching


Learning a second language from an early age can

  • Enhance literacy development in a child’s native language
  • Positively alter the brain’s structure, increasing the amount of information-processing nerve cells in the language processing lobe
  • Helps children absorb an English accent and build up vocabulary in more than one language simultaneously



At Pingu’s English, we providers children with the chance to get ahead in life by helping them
learn the international language of communication and business from the earliest possible stage. 
This sub-division of the leading language teaching provider Linguaphone was founded in 2007.
We’ve developed an innovative and creative teaching method that uses a charming TV character
and its friends to keep kids engaged throughout the whole learning process.
We teach vital English language skills to children aged 3 – 8+ including
Reading     Writing      Speaking       Listening

Our method gives parents an opportunity to help their child learn a language that will open up
doors in their future lives. It introduces children to full-time education in supportive and engaging way,
keeping them one step ahead when it comes to starting school. Pingu’s English lets you combine safe
and entertaining childcare with an educational program that will help your kids develop the skills and
confidence to use English in their everyday lives.   
Pingu’s English is consistently growing; opening up schools in markets across the world, and helping
a new generation of kids to learn this hugely important life skill. We have a network of trusted international
franchise partners, who work hard to achieve a safe and happy working environment for children.










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